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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services


You probably have a business website. It may be an established business or just starting out. You want a front page listing on Google and other search engines. You want to maximize all available revenue channels by increasing visitor numbers and conversion rates. It is a vicious, never ending circle which never seems to quite come together for one reason or another.

The reason a website doesn’t perform as well as it could is down to several factors. Our team here at SEO Company Keel-Over Marketing continually research emerging search engine trends, web design trends and consumer trends. More often than not we find problems with keyword placement on one or more pages. Other issues with keywords may be associated with the following:google-seo

  • Keywords used out of context
  • Too many keywords on the page
  • Poor quality content
  • Insufficient inbound, outbound and internal links
  • Non unique content

The term ‘keyword stuffing’ means exactly that. Stuffing a page with too many keywords and phrases has a negative impact on search rankings. Pages are frequently ranked low because of this tactic which, if anything has never worked as a positive element of website optimization.

The lower a page ranks, the fewer consumers see it, which reduces the potential of visitor numbers. Reduced visitor numbers has a negative impact on ranking. A negative impact on page ranking has a negative impact on visitor numbers. You may see a trend emerging here.

Our Solution

You see the vicious circle taking effect. One way of reversing the trend is by way of a pay per click (PPC) strategy. AdWords has the immediate effect of driving visitor numbers to increase by way of advertising. You pay only for the number of clicks made on the paid for advert. Each click is a qualified visitor to your site. Qualified means they have an intention to buy into your type of products or services.

However, PPC isn’t the end of it; it is merely the beginning of attaining increased, sustainable visitor numbers. Onsite optimization is all important. While PPC is delivering increased visitor numbers we go about the task of optimizing your site to make it as ‘search engine friendly’ as possible. This edges your site to increased visibility. Increased visibility means increased visitor numbers.

Increased targeted visitor numbers means increased conversions and by way of logic, increased revenues. If you follow the pattern you’ll see the vicious circle has been reversed. Sometimes it takes only a little tweaking to get a website’s fortunes reversed; sometimes it takes a complete overhaul.

Whatever the issues are we will evaluate and give you a full appraisal of what needs to be done, how it can be done and what it will cost. We offer free monthly reports about how your site is performing and where it is going. By the end of the first month you will probably see for yourself how traffic, conversions and revenues are increasing. Our success is your success. Our aim is to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings and keep it there.

Give our team a call today on 0800 699 0549 or complete the online form and we’ll get straight back to you. We are an SEO Company which prefers to ‘partner’ our clients and share in their success story. We look forward to hearing from you and being partner to your ongoing success.

“We have been using Keel Over Marketing to help us with our advertising for a number of months now. We have found them to be very professional and good at communicating. Most importantly of all they have helped focus our marketing efforts which has lead to an increase in sales. We would happily recommend their services to anyone looking to grow their business.”
Melvyn and Alastair (Renton James Limited, Directors)